Personalized and Handcrafted wooden prayer request boxes and stands with engraved text and designs
Ask and It Shall be Given You

Ask and It Shall be Given You

Hello Glenn, Just received the Prayer Box yesterday. IT IS EVERYTHING
I EXPECTED IT TO BE AND MORE! The wood burn entities
are absolutely amazing! Thank you for your time and efforts
to make this a success! Gratefully, DeAndre
P.S. I'm looking forward to doing business with you in
the future.

Not Cookie Cutter

Not Cookie Cutter

I've been looking all over to find something worth paying for and not just a "cookie cutter" model if you will, but something i could customize. I believe your site provided just that!
Wonderful job!

Wonderful job!


I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but thank you for doing such a wonderful job with my box. It was worth the wait!

Best regards,

Design a Box Here

Design a Box Here

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Custom, Hand-made Wooden Prayerboxes

All of these boxes come with a slot, locking door with two keys, and are made to hold wishes, dreams, requests and hopes. It’s very important to me, especially when I consider the importance of what gets put into these boxes.
Some of our most popular items:

·         Prayerboxes

·         Gratuity boxes

·         Comment card

·         Suggestion boxes

·         Wedding card

 These are just some of the most requested, but we would be happy to create any other wooden box or cases you have in mind. I have also made this type of box for tips, ideas, questions, applications, voting, and donations, to name a few.

Order personalized prayer boxes here

Order personalized prayer boxes here

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Design a Prayer boxDesign a Prayer box
Oak prayer boxes custom made and personalized one at a time to your specific needs
Prayer box with 3 CrossesPrayer box with 3 Crosses
This Prayer request box has three crosses. The middle cross is a slot. The two adjacent Crosses are woodburned to match the shape of the middle cross slot. This box is made with Oak panels and Black Walnut edges. Box shown is 20 x 8 x 8 interior inches in size. Oak Panels and Black Walnut edges.
Prayer boxPrayer box
Oak prayer boxes custom made and personalized one at a time to your specific needs
Prayer box with Cross slotPrayer box with Cross slotThis Prayer request wood box with cross slot can be ordered and personalized just for you.
Prayer request box and standPrayer request box and stand
Prayer request box and stand made to order and personalized with any design or text.
Prayer request box and stand with form shelvePrayer request box and stand with form shelveThis Prayer request box and stand with form shelve measures 42 inches tall (10 x 10 x 10 box)
Prayer Requests boxPrayer Requests boxWoodburned by hand Celtic cross prayer request box is made of Oak with rounded Black Walnut edges.

The Process

With every card box or comment box ordered, I prefer to make the box specific and personalized just for you.  Together we can establish the ideal card, gratuity, suggestion box, or even a new product just for you.  We will talk about selecting the raw material for the wooden project--some work better for a card box than others, for example.  Then we will discuss any surface designs.  Embellish the box with a cross, your church logo; personalize with a favorite bible verse.

I myself will make you a priority from beginning to end of your card box, prayer or suggestion box, or other wooden project.  Each custom wooden item will require between 12 weeks from inception until shipping date.

Prayer boxes with stand

Prayer boxes with stand

Prayer boxes available with stand

Wooden Gratuity box & Prayerboxes

Design your own prayer box or use our photos for inspiration.  Lockable wooden comment card boxes and prayer boxes make great additions to your church or organization.  Personalize your prayer box or gratuity box with your images or logos.

Wooden Card & Suggestion Boxes

Card or suggestion boxes can provide a secure place for items that may be of a personal comment or suggestion nature.  Choosing the right design and styling, your wooden card or suggestion box can add a dignified and finished element to your event, church or any establishment. Wedding card boxes can provide a secure place at a small or large reception for your cards that may have checks and cash in them. As an option I sometimes am requested to put the locking door on the bottom out of view. Profile

My background in making wooden prayerboxes began on this webpage from a customer that made a simple inquiry requesting a box with a slot and a locking door. From that first inquiry I realized a need and have made many custom boxes of this type. Being able to provide these boxes for such important contents fulfills my passion for quality wooden prayerboxes, comment, card, gratuity and suggestion boxes. I look forward to making a personalized wooden box for you.

Search for boxes and toys within site

Search for boxes and toys within site



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Custom wooden boxes

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