Hand made and personalized Hand carved wooden toy ABC & 123 blocks in a wood box
Wonderful job!

Wonderful job!


I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but thank you for doing such a wonderful job with my box. It was worth the wait!

Best regards,

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Design a Box Here

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Toy Blocks

Toy Blocks

Toy Blocks

 Click here ABC blocks  Click here Baby Birth block  Click here Critter blocks
 Click here Elephant ABC blocks  Click here Giraffe ABC blocks  Click here Horse ABC blocks
 Click here Alligator ABC blocks Click here Bear ABC blocks  Click here Cat ABC blocks

Personalized hand carved wooden toy blocks in a box. Treasured heirloom toys forever.
Design your own set of hand carved ABC blocks!

Personalized toy blocks

Personalized toy blocks

Custom made and personalized wood toy blocks and boxes for special occasions, holidays, birthdays, birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers, parties, memorials, and Christmas presents.

ABC wood toy blocks, wood trains and wood puzzles personalized with your Childs name carved or woodburned in wood. Your child will love to see there name on a personalized drive thru wood train box. Wood blocks and wood trains can be a big part of a Childs fun and turn play time into a time of learning and education. 

Other wooden toys

Other wooden toys

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Wooden Toy ABC Blocks with BoxesWooden Toy ABC Blocks with Boxes
ABC Blocks Set with Alligator PuzzleABC Blocks Set with Alligator Puzzle
ABC Blocks Set with Bear PuzzleABC Blocks Set with Bear PuzzleIf you are looking for an all hand carved set of ABC Blocks for your child that will last forever you have come to the right place.
ABC Blocks Set with Cat PuzzleABC Blocks Set with Cat Puzzle
ABC Blocks Set with Elephant PuzzleABC Blocks Set with Elephant Puzzle
ABC Blocks Set with Giraffe PuzzleABC Blocks Set with Giraffe Puzzle
ABC Blocks Set with Horse PuzzleABC Blocks Set with Horse Puzzle
ABC Blocks Set with Monkey PuzzleABC Blocks Set with Monkey Puzzle
ABC Blocks Set with Panda Cub PuzzleABC Blocks Set with Panda Cub Puzzle
Design a Train Set hereDesign a Train Set hereWooden train sets are my most favorite toys to make and watch the kids play with. Every child should have a train for Christmas!
Baby birth blockBaby birth block
ABC Critter blocksABC Critter blocks
Box for blocks set unfinishedBox for blocks set unfinished
Individual Toy ABC BlocksIndividual Toy ABC Blocks
ABC Blocks with Lion puzzle

ABC Blocks with Lion puzzle

Thank you!!! The blocks and carrier all look great! Thank you again for all the work and heart you put into these gifts. Happy Holidays! Best Regards, Lisa H. New York, NY

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Search for boxes and toys within site

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