Personalized Wooden gun boxes cases hand crafted and customized with lettering and images
Wonderful job!

Wonderful job!


I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but thank you for doing such a wonderful job with my box. It was worth the wait!

Best regards,

Design a Box Here

Design a Box Here

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Custom, Hand-made Wooden Items

From tree to treasure, each piece speaks for our craftsmanship.  We will make any custom wooden project to order, with your specifications.  Some of our most popular items:

·         Riflecases

·         Hat or letter box

·         Gun cases

·         Display cases

·         Wooden jewelry cases

These are just some of the most requested, but we would be happy to create any other wooden box or cases you have in mind.

Create a 3D Wooden Gun Case Online by Clicking this text.

Hand crafted and customized with lettering and images

Hand crafted and customized with lettering and images

.44 Magnum Box.44 Magnum Box
Choose items like square or rounded corners, Cam lock, Velvet liner interior. Text to the size and font that you want. Custom laser etched plates available.
Design a Gun box hereDesign a Gun box hereThis wood gun box (starting at 10 x 7 x 3 interior inches in size) can be adorned with any design or text. Additional fees may need to be added for design requests. Feel free to e-mail me at I will be glad to work with your design or help you find one that suits your needs. These boxes come with an attractive and strong hinge for a hinged top access door.
Design a Wood Gun caseDesign a Wood Gun caseThis personalized wood gun case (starting at 10 x 7 x 3 interior inches in size) can be adorned with any design or text. Shown is a Cherry inlaid border on the top, front and sides.
Wood Gun caseWood Gun caseThis personalized wood gun case (starting at 10 x 7 x 3 interior inches in size) can be adorned with any design or text. Shown is a Cherry inlaid border on the top, front and sides.
Rifle CaseRifle Case
Wooden rifle cases custom made to suit your needs and can be personalized. Custom Wooden Rifle cases starting size is 3 x 25 x 4 inches interior size. The reference guide included will give you the options and cost.
Custom Shotgun CaseCustom Shotgun Case
Flag Display CaseFlag Display Case
Military hat display caseMilitary hat display caseThese custom hat box, display cases, or presentation cover boxes come with a hinged top access lid.
Knife CaseKnife CaseWooden knife case made of Cherry and Black Walnut woods, custom cut foam liner for the knife and inlaid lettering on top. I can personalize a box like this just for you.
Ebony boxEbony box
This wood box (7 x 10 x 3 interior inches in size) is made with Gaboon Ebony panels and Wenge wood edges and hinge. The interior is Cherry wood.

The Process

With every hat box or riflecases ordered, we first establish an open conversation about design.  I bring my experience as a design engineer and wood craftsman, and you as the customer bring your imagination and goals for the riflecases.  Together we can establish the ideal gun cases, toys, letter boxes, or even a new product just for you.  We will talk about selecting the raw material for the wooden project--some work better for a hat box than others, for example.  Then we will discuss any surface designs.  Embellish riflecases with a sketch of your trophy elk; personalize display cases for family heirlooms; add a favorite verse to the classic letter box.

You can expect priority treatment from the craftsman himself from beginning to end of your gun cases, hat or letter box, or other wooden project.  Each custom wooden item will require between 12 weeks from inception until shipping date.

Wooden Gun Cases & Riflecases

Design your own riflecases or use our photo repertoire for inspiration.  Hinged wooden gun cases and display boxes make great gifts.  Personalize riflecases and gun cases with your favorite gun sport image or initials.

Wooden Gift Boxes:  Hat & Letter Box

Projects like a hat or letter box make fun housewarming or hostess gift.  With the right design and styling, a wooden hat or letter box adds a classy décor element to any home. Profile

The interest in wooden construction began watching my Father, and continued thanks to my Boy Scout troop and school classes.  Creating wooden boxes and custom pieces for my home and family has given me experience with various design tastes and project types.  Being able to share my passion for quality wooden gun cases, riflecases, custom gifts like hat and letter boxes, and other wooden statement pieces with customers worldwide is a dream come true. Craftsmen continue learning and grow as we get to work with you on your ideal wooden project.



Search for boxes and toys within site

Search for boxes and toys within site

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